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Welcome to my ideascape. This is the place where I explore the ideas that inspire me. I write to learn.

My name is Matt and I am a rare breed male Speech Language Pathologist.


Join me as I share the lessons I learn looking through the world as a fidgety, optimistic, contrarian, husband, father, and speech language pathologist working with special needs students in a Title I school in NYC.

I distill ideas, plant new seeds of thought and weed out my own misconceptions along the way.

All my writing has an underlining theme of self awareness, wellness, and antifragility.

The lessons I learn in the field enable me to provide a unique perspective, all for the purpose of getting you thinking and talking about ideas.

I send out weekly posts every Thursday at 10 am EST.

Keep scrolling for my most recent pieces followed by my most popular. That’s a great place to get acquainted.

Check out my article about Naval Ravikant in my Idea Makers section. He is one of the most important contemporary thinkers. If you don’t know him, you absolutely should.

I am grateful for your visit.

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