Opening the present

We ask for something. We anticipate it. We invest a lot, perhaps too much, into our happiness being determined by the contents inside that glitter wrapped box under the tree. Will it be what we asked for or will it be something else, something different, something we didn’t know we wanted or needed until we saw it?

That is the best, when we get something unexpected, useful and just awesome. We settle for getting what we want, after all, we asked for it. We align our expectations with our desires, it makes the person buying the gift happier too. They know it will be money well spent, plus they don’t have to go through the hassle of finding something.

Me: I have everything I want. I have my health, my love and my beautiful family. The things I want cannot be bought they must be earned.

My Wife: You are the worst.. just tell me what I can buy you.

Me: No seriously, I’m good.

My Wife: *Rolls her eyes* So socks and underwear it is.  

One of the great joys of parenting is watching your children open up presents. You get to watch them evolve from enjoying the packaging and boxes to enjoying the contents, to anticipating the randomness of what it has to offer. Then they turn into teenagers and it all goes to hell… or maybe it just becomes harder to capture that awe.

But eventually, their expectations become so large that the element of surprise becomes elusive. Then they just rip through things without regard. They join us in the addiction of unwrapping, it is like scrolling only with presents.

It is the process of opening that we love. We find sources that bring us joy and we can’t wait for the presents they give us. I have found this with podcasts or my favorite blogs. I get them sent to me so I don’t have to seek them out. It is like a gift in my inbox. It is one of the few notifications I get on my phone. The screen will light up and I know that I just got a present.

I hope to be that gift giver for you. The only antidote to the unwrapping frenzy is to understand and embrace the joy of being the giver.

I want to be able to provide that unexpected insight, the consistently engaging gifts that make you smile, think, laugh, cry or maybe a delightful mix of all those life affirming feelings.

So please join my mail list. I promise to give you my best, no gimmicks, no ads, no garbage. I will never sell or share your information. That is my gift for you.  

Matthew CriscuolaComment