Consistency over Content

We always want to do better, be more productive, be healthier, be more fit. We see the miracle cases of people overcoming incredible odds by taking responsibility and making drastic life changes.

This is often the way products are marketed. “I lost 78 pounds and so can you.”

So can you. That is the slogan. It is easy to be tricked into thinking it is the product that made the change.

Systems are useless unless you use them, and use them consistently. The recommended dose varies, but you still have to take it consistently. What good is the work out if you only do it once? Better than none, but not as good as two.

Since we understand compound interest, we understand that our consistency is what leads to incremental improvement over time.

It’s the difference between putting a penny in a jar everyday as opposed to nothing. Taking the stairs, instead of the elevator. Writing down one sentence a day, instead of none. It may not seem like it matters, but in one year you will say “I wish I started last year ,” or hopefully, “Look how far I have come by simply being consistent.”

We often condemn our past choices without considering how our current ones will determine our future. 

When we boil down the micro decisions we make in a day, we realize that it is a matter of desire, discipline and consistency that determine how well we stay on the path.

The trick is understanding that the path doesn’t lead us to a single destination, it keeps us moving forward to better places. You just have to keep moving.

Matthew Criscuola2 Comments