The Semantics of Well-Being

Present, not anticipating

Respond, not react

Momentum, not motivation

Authentic, not different

Articulate, not verbose

Passion, not hustle

Creation, not consumption

Puzzles, not problems

Reading, not scrolling

Process, not result

Systems, not goals

Consistent, not sporadic

Persistent, not nagging

Routine, not boring

Productive, not busy

Better questions, not answers

Wisdom, not intelligence

Worthy, not entitled

Confidence, not arrogance

Nuance, not binary

Relationships, not contacts

Understanding, not listening

Talking, not texting

Intimacy, not sex

Connections, not engagements

Indifference, not anxiety

Disagree, not argue

Meat, not nonsense

Warrior, not victim

Comedy, not drama

Forced struggle, not voluntary suffering

Action, not potential

Feeling, not identifying with thoughts

Doing, not thinking

Now, not any other time in history

Love, not anything else.

Matthew CriscuolaComment