SLPs are like Chefs for the pickiest of eaters

SLPs are like chefs. We value preparation, quality ingredients (our materials) and presentation.

Mise en place is the French culinary preparation method where all the ingredients are cut, measured, and prepared so that when the cooking starts, it is a matter of sequentially adding the ingredients and adjusting temperature as needed.

Anyone who has ever prepared a recipe knows just how important it is to have your ingredients laid out before you begin cooking.

The Roux is too lumpy because you added the flour all at once but now you need to chop two cloves of garlic and that smell is the carrots burning. This is something easily prevented with the proper planning and having each item ready to go.

SLPs are essentially Hibachi chefs. Who doesn’t love an onion volcano and having vegetables flung at their open mouth? Consider that figuratively and literally.

Our clients are the pickiest of eaters. They have aversions to texture, temperature, taste and color. Our clients would make exceptional food critics because they can sense the subtlest change in recipe.

But it’s not the meal that brings us to Hibachi, it is the theatrics. Consider why those picky eaters just may try the sautéed zucchini because they saw it get chopped, flambeed and then tossed into the chef’s hat.

The food is one thing, but the show is another. Together they are engaging and exciting, transforming typical ingredients into captivating meals.

Everything is a part of the show, otherwise you are just eating take out.


Matthew CriscuolaComment