Being tired and being unmotivated: the obstacles to overcome

Class got out late and the storm began just as I was walking to my car. I was drenched by the time I got in. The crawl home was long, wet and dark with the wipers not relenting from the max setting for the entire extended trip. I made it home way later than usual. I had to wake up early and do it again the next day and drive on the same flooded road, the wipers in full blast.

It is draining on multiple levels. Not just physically but mentally. We can bare physical pain, but the soul-crushing monotony of commuting that is a slow death by water torture and paper cuts.

When you are tired, it is difficult to differentiate not having the energy and not having the motivation to do things. The problem with being tired is it makes you feel unmotivated. The problem with being unmotivated, is you don’t want to do things. Being tired and unmotivated are both experienced the same way; as a lack of focus.

This has allowed me to look deeply into the purpose of why I do things. Here are the questions I have been asking myself:

What would I do if I could spend my time any way I wanted to?

What are the worst parts of my day?

What are the best parts of my day?

What brings me the deepest sense of satisfaction?

What are the things I do that make me feel like a phony?

What makes me feel real?

What am I putting off that I know I should be doing?

If I am tired, then I just need to overcome the feeling and work through it. I need to focus on getting as much rest as possible. But, if I am not motivated, it doesn’t matter how rested I am because I still won’t want to do it.

Both are obstacles to overcome but understanding the why makes it easier to figure out how… or whatever that brilliant German guy with the funky mustache said. Either way folks. I am committed to this process and I will continue to produce… despite being exhausted.